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"I Am"

I wish to be adored for all I've done and for that I am.
I have brung happiness to many lives,
I have placed lost smiles on, once, searching faces.
I have whispered kind words into abused ears,
I have given the joy of laughing,
I have also laughed to share success.
I have placed my hands gently upon wounded hearts,
I have broken through walls and shared the new found inner beauty
To the world and the beauty's master.
I have said all of the deserved words needed to feed esteem,
I have seen what many were too afraid to notice,
To afraid to except or understand.
I have filled crushed spirits, lifted sunken hopes, and basked in glory.
I was there when no one else could take the time.
I was what they sought for when death was a temptation.
I have always been around, behind, and in front.
There is no denying what it is I have to offer.
I am not a man, nor am I a woman.
I can be captured in a moment, or lost for a lifetime.
I am the secret to life, the road to happiness,
And the eventual cause of many's destruction.
Adore me cause I am great; hate me when you miss me.
I am yours to take, to lose, to hold, to adore- I am Love.

written by : Andre Donoso

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