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Copyright 1998

"The Simplicity Of A Day ..."

The stars shine in the heavens above,
The beauty of nature symbolizing God's love,
Forever until the end of time,
Burning, billions of miles away,
Like the sunlight reflecting off a dime,
The sun rises and the birds come out to play...

The sky is painted variations of orange and red,
The colors make you rise out of bed,
Day after day, forever the same,
The birds sing their song,
The song should have a name,
That reflects its’ beauty all day long...

You rise out of bed to face the new day,
A gaze out the window shows squirrels at play,
The dawn colors fade into a blue,
The sun rises to into the sky,
The day is still new,
Don't let it pass you by...

In the distance a dog barks,
People walk in the parks,
They embark on their daily routine,
You go out to make the best of the day,
Seeing people you have rarely seen,
There is so much you want to say...

Time passes, people come and go,
The day soon submits to time's flow,
The sun sinks down in the horizon,
The clouds are painted orange and red again,
The day is almost done,
The clock says it's almost ten...

It has been a long day for you,
So many things you had to do,
The stars show to say "goodnight",
The moon comes up to symbolize the day is done,
You are tucked in bed nice and tight,
Sleep well little one...

written by : Chrono777 and Christi

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