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"Love OnLine"

I never thought that it could be.
It wasn’t love instantly.
It grew with days of just lots of type.
It grew with days of sharing life.

I never thought that it could be.
I saw your nick and my heart would race.
It didn’t come from sexual desire.
It came from sharing the thoughts of the mind.
Of knowing the feelings you have inside.

I never thought it could be.
Then came the overwhelming feeling
Of wanting to know you in real life.
To see the smile I saw in my mind.
To touch the hand that I could feel touching mine.

I never thought that it could be,
The time that came in reality.
We met, we smiled, we touched.
Our hearts have been one for so long.
It seems as though we have always been together.

I never thought that it could be.
The pain that it’s brought to you and me.
I feel the pain of a broken heart.
Knowing that we have to part.
Now we have to enter back in reality.

written by : Eshea

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