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"My Box"

Four sides a top and a bottom.
Made to store and made to hold,
both things in and things out.
I opened mine the other day,
just to see what might be in it.
Mostly just some mundane things,
Paper, Letters, Pens, and Stuff,
Dictionaries, and Staples.
These the things that surround me in life,
it was almost kind of depressing.
But my box held something else you see,
a Keyboard, Monitor and Computer.
And while they also are just things,
They bring me something special.
I may be boxed in by mundane things,
But not with my Computer.
It lets me reach across the world,
to touch and share and ponder.
How wonderful it is to have a box,
a box that never empties.

written by : Augbear

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