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"Chatroom Gossip"

I sit in a chatroom day after day…
Making friends that I may never meet.
At first in the chatroom, it was just fun.
Then came the day that emotion was overrun.
Friends there became important to my life.
From both sides confiding was done.
Then came the day that some of these friends went away.
And they are sorely missed.

Now I sit in this chatroom day after day…
And I see letters flying across my screen.
I see people being very mean.
What has become of the chatroom fun.
These friends are still important to my life,
But should I confide things from my life.
They take this confidence and and use it to hurt.
Are these the friends that I sorely miss?

Now I want to sit in this chatroom today,
But my heart is not in it in the same way.
Are these the people that I don’t want to go away?
I sit at my computer and debate with myself.
Do I click on that chatroom Icon or go to be by myself.
I go there each day, hoping for change.
Do you think the adults in there will grow up someday?

written by : Eshea

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