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HomePage made by MCAries
Copyright 1998

"My House Has Many Windows"

My house has many windows
They let me see many things.
I sit upon my sofa,
staring through the glass.
I look into the yard and
There I see my past.

I look out my window,
And there I see a man
Who was so much my past.
He’s playing with our children.
I can see they make him laugh.
I see my children playing
I see them full of glee.

I see my son climbing high up
In that big oak tree.
Then I see him falling,
And landing on his knee.
I see him full of fear.
I see me running to hug him
To wipe away his tears

Looking through that window
I can see so much that has happened here.
Not all of it brings smiles..
Some of it brings tears.
I see my children’s father
As he rides away

Watching from that window,
Little did I know,
That an officer would be coming
To tell me he wouldn’t be coming home.

Now I’m sitting at that window,
I see the children play.
There’s something very different
In the what I see today.

I am sitting at this window
Many years have gone by.
The yard has grown silent,
It makes me want to cry.

written by Eshea

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