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Copyright 1998

"Coffee's On : The Place To Be"

Every day I come home from school,
Waiting to get off the bus,
Hoping I'll be in coffee's on soon....
so naturally I rush.

I sit down in my favourite seat
while my mum moans at me,
Knowing soon that I wil be filled
with happiness and glee.

First of all there is eshea,
a name of glory and fame,
the goddess of all coffee,
but I dont really know her nickname!

Then there's ladybug ...a wonderful gal,
there to do this and that.
Then there's pleiad, so friendly and cool
But she thinks she's really fat...

Then there is MissPriss, she's ok...
but she thinks she's Eshea....yeah right...
xv15, he's a nice guy,
But I only see him at night.

Now people must worry that I haven't mentioned them..
but there is no need to do so ...
here is a list of most of the people
friends & others I know ...

There's smrbreez, sirk, russman, happycow,
guncrib, cookie, lilboo.
There's canadian, caveman, missile99,
iq99 too...

Well this is the end of my poem,
I hope you enjoyed it too,
I know I should not end the poem like this but

written by Kyleo

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