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HomePage made by MCAries
Copyright 1998

"The Game"

Faceless, voiceless left to watch part of your life scroll away.
Red, green webbing on the computer screen.
Time ticking away feelings coming to stay.

Feelings floating...
...clenching fist
chills down your spine…
…butterflies in your stomach but still no sound of human voice, no physical contact!

The urge to feel, to touch, to hear, to smell, to see is near.
Closing your eyes floating away, it’s all a game WE play!!
A game of silence, a game of hearts, a game of trust, a game of guts!

Turned on by typed words things not said nor heard.
Imagination fantasy meshing together with reality.
It’s all a game!

Thousands of us meeting everyday.
Some trying to find a better way to reach
The ONE!
Others looking for
The ESCAPED one!
The one we HAD!
The one we LOST!
The one we ONCE found!

The feeling of being wanted, accepted, loved
for what’s inside & for what one cannot see…
NO prejudice heard, felt or seen!!

Time ticking, hearts pounding want to stop it?
No! You beg for more!!
You crave it!
You think it!
It sucks you in!
It’s all a game!

Names.. words…
Letters… numbers…
…warping together faster and faster…Sitting there for hours holding your breath reading over what was last said.

Red, green together on a computer screen, It’s all a game YOU WANT TO SCREAM!
Hearts pounding as if on fire, you want, you crave, you can’t hold back…

It’s a game of desire!! It’s a game of sex!!
It’s a game of life & death!!

written by TCerqua

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