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Title poem author Press here
In the rain Telee view
Coffee MrQuest view
No title Unknown view
Friendship Garden Unknown view
I'm Here If You Need Me Bruce Wilmer view
Kate's Corner Kate view
Treasure Of Friendship Unknown view
A Friend ... Unknown view
Friends Unknown view
There BlueByte view
A White Rose Krodos aka Lekonia view
The Game TCerqua view
Coffee's On : The Place To Be Kyleo view
I Vow To You ... HeathsGuy view
My House Has Many Windows Eshea view
My Second Heart Anonymous view
Chatroom Gossip Eshea view
My Box Augbear view
Papyrus Shrapnel Mr.Jive view
Virtual But True Anonymous view
Love OnLine Eshea view
The Simplicity Of A Day... Chrono777 and Christi view
I Am Andre Donoso view
Coffee Deeabath aka Abath2000 view
The Mind's Eye Eshea view
Love Is Blind Eshea view