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Cheryl Duvall aka Photocad

° February 17th, 1958.
† March 6th, 2000.

Our dear internet friend Cheryl Duvall aka Photocad lost her fight against her illness.
It was an unfair struggle for live but she kept fighting back till the bitter end.
She was a very strong person who loved to live.
Once, there was hope, the doctors said they conquered her illness,
but a few years later her illness cropped up.
Cheryl isn't really dead,
She will always live in our memory.

Sitting in the room awaiting an arrival,
never knowing I'd meet someone so special.
A good friend to confide the deepest secrets,
although suffering, you were always in the highest spirits.
There to listen when I needed to talk,
down the path of frienship, for eternity, we will walk.
A trustworthy friend, a loving mother, and a perfect wife,
without a doubt, a very special life.
Painfully pulled from the life she had made,
we will forever remember Photocad.

We miss you, and love you Cheryl

God's Garden

God saw you getting tired,
when a cure was not to be.
He wrapped his arms around you,
and whispered come with me.
The days are gone of suffering,
He's layed you down to rest.
Gods garden must be beautiful,
He surely has taken the best.