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Copyright 1998

(A few of you have asked for this page)

BRB ... First Edition

So many of you were there when I was the expectant Grandmother. Everyday I would tell you my woes of becoming a grandmother. Then the day came, April 14, 1997, you were there anxiously awaiting the announcement of the birth …but what you didn't know, was how often I was going to say…"BRB". I have to tell you that I have always been a proud mother..but being a grandmother…well that's another story. I am the proudest grandmother you can find, although my patience is not what it use to be (I think he can blame that on his father, though.) and I look forward to handing him back and sending him home!

Well let me introduce to you my grandson…(and believe me, I am a young grandmother!). and future Coffee's On star.
Please meet Damon Charles Bedford!



BRB ... Second Edition

Here we go again !!!
Another grandson. Edward Jefferson Sims V has arrived.
Born May 6th, 1999
Weighing in at 7lbs. 10oz.
Height 19 ½" long